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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Forex Brokerage!


Tired of compatibility issues, software bugs, and connectivity problems? Leave those frustrations behind and embrace a superior trading experience with the Vulkan Prime Bridge. Streamline operations, access institutional-grade liquidity, and enjoy dedicated 24×6 technical support.

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Key Benefits of Vulkan Prime Bridge

The Vulkan Prime Bridge ensures effortless installation and deployment, eliminating compatibility issues and disruptions. Get up and running quickly with minimal hassle.

The Vulkan Bridge prioritizes performance and speed, delivering lightning-fast trade execution and real-time data feeds. Say goodbye to delays and seize opportunities in an instant.

Connect with multiple liquidity providers through the Vulkan Prime Bridge. Tap into a vast network of liquidity sources, accessing competitive pricing and deep pools of liquidity.

With real-time market data powered by the Vulkan Bridge, you can trust that prices are precise and up-to-date. Say goodbye to discrepancies and provide your clients with consistent and reliable pricing.

Take control of risk with the Vulkan Bridge’s advanced risk profile assessment and management features. Define your rules and parameters to effectively manage and mitigate risks according to your unique requirements.

The Vulkan Prime Bridge is developed and backed by Tradeview Markets. Benefit from direct access to our in-house technical support, ensuring prompt assistance and seamless maintenance to keep your bridge running smoothly.

Why Vulkan

Discover Vulkan’s revolutionary Technology and Liquidity Solution for brokers. Maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and achieve rapid implementation. Find the perfect fit for your brokerage now.

For more information please refer to our FAQ or contact us!

unrivaled trading

Get a competitive edge in the FX industry with Vulkan Prime Bridge. Enjoy class-leading spreads, including frequent zero spreads on liquid currency pairs through advanced ILC technology.

cutting-edge solutions

A decade of relentless innovation fuels our cutting-edge solutions, delivering unparalleled advancements in technology and performance.

customer service team

Tap into the expertise of our customer service teams, strategically located and dedicated to delivering exceptional support.

versatile solutions

Our versatile solutions stand strong on their own or seamlessly integrate with your existing product suite.

agile organization

We are a dynamic, agile organization with a rapidly expanding wealth of intellectual capital, driving exceptional performance.

Total Broker Solution

Experience the unparalleled advantage of our all-inclusive Total Broker Solution, unmatched by any other company in the industry.

Broker Solutions

Discover our three distinct brokerage solutions designed to cater to different levels of infrastructure, and revenue generation models. We believe in a collaborative approach, allowing you to adjust or customize any of our solutions to perfectly align with your unique needs and specifications. Find comfort in knowing that we prioritize your success above all else.

Choose from the following forex broker packages based on your goals:


Pure Tech Play

Ultimate Broker’s Solution

Experience our comprehensive technology solution integrating Vulkan MT4 and MT5 bridge with reliable liquidity sources through a FIX API. Access deep liquidity pools, competitive pricing, and efficient trade execution, enhancing your brokerage experience.

Liquidity Provider Services

Dedicated Bridge Service

Our MT4 and MT5 liquidity bridge service ensures quick and efficient trade execution, connecting your platform directly to liquidity providers. Eliminate intermediaries, access deep liquidity, and enhance your trading experience.



Ultimate Broker’s Solution

Liquidity Provider Services

Utilize your own third-party bridge to connect with Vulkan Liquidity Provider Services through a FIX API. Enjoy seamless integration of reliable liquidity sources, ensuring competitive pricing and efficient execution.

How It Works

  1. Register:

    Open a corporate/broker account with Tradeview Markets for seamless trading.
  2. MT4 Connect:

    Connect to Vulkan’s APIs and integrated liquidity streams for MT4.
  3. Focus:

    Grow your customer base while we handle IT services and provide 24×6 technical support.
  4. Monitor & Access:

    Monitor and access trading activities through the Broker Reporting Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Bridge is a comprehensive solution that acts as a connector and quote aggregator between multiple MetaTrader platforms and liquidity providers. It allows brokers to create a flexible execution model by seamlessly integrating various quotes or market data sources.

Unlike simpler tools like gateways, the Vulkan Prime Bridge offers the ability to aggregate quotes from multiple sources simultaneously, providing brokers and their clients with our best  trading conditions. 

It also includes built-in risk management tools to ensure stable platform performance in case of technical issues with liquidity providers. Additionally, the bridge generates detailed reports, allowing brokers to track performance per liquidity provider, user group, or trading symbol.

Liquidity aggregation is the process of combining liquidity from different sources to ensure that clients’ orders are filled on the market with the best possible trading conditions. Without aggregation, a specific liquidity provider may not have enough volume at the requested price, resulting in worse execution for the client. 

The Vulkan Prime Bridge’s flexible functionality enables brokers to configure the execution model based on quotes from multiple liquidity providers, optimizing order execution.

A liquidity provider acts as an intermediary, connecting buyers and sellers in financial markets, and facilitating the timely matching of supply and demand. 

The Vulkan Prime Bridge empowers brokers to establish connections between their MetaTrader platform and multiple liquidity providers at once. This integration results in a combined Depth of Market (DoM), narrow spreads, and the flexibility to implement customized execution models.

Experience the Power of Institutional Liquidity!

If you’re a forex broker who wants seamless liquidity without integration hurdles, connect with Vulkan Prime Bridge today!

Contact our experts at info@vulkanbridge.com now.

Vulkan Prime is powered by Tradeview Markets.

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